Ready to get booked for a job? Please kindly update your profile!

Ready to get booked for a job? Please kindly update your profile!

It’s time to introduce yourself to the world either as a Model, Aspiring model, Usher,  Dancer, DJ, Comedian/MC, Bouncer, Fashion Designer, Photographer, Music Artiste, Makeup Artist, Hair Stylist, Baker and Decorator irrespective of age, religion, tribe and location.

Note: This guide-lines serves all members and you are to obey these instructions. As you complete your application, remember that you’re trying to make an impression to someone who have never meet you. Use a guide to show our clients who you are, want you can do and what you look like in your most natural way.


We want you to submit at least six digital photos of yourself: 1 half-length as a profile picture. 1 full-length, 1 waist-up,  3 full-length with different positions and dresses. Do your best to replicate the sample images used as an example. Note: below pictures are not professionally done, they serve as guidelines. Send all pictures with your name and registration number to for proper verification.

In the case of photo outdoor shoot, it should be in natural daylight but not direct sunlight. Remember, we're looking for your natural outlook so do not apply too much makeup, make nice hair, and please no smiles on profile.  This will be your portfolio photos to document your look for our clients.


Snap with Official T-Shirt or Plain White T-shirt (please focus your eyes on the camera)

WAIST UP - Pic 2 & 3

Snap with official T-shirt or white T-shirt with blue and black trouser

FULL LENGTH - Pic 4 & 5

Snap with official T-shirt or Plain White T-Shirt with blue and black trouser in different  canvas foot wears

FULL LENGTH - Pic 6 & 7

Snap with native wear and cooperate wear of your choice.

NOTE: Do not attach any signature or studio logo on any pictures. Picture size:  600 x 800 (width x height) for portrait and 800 x 600 (width x height) for landscape. Format: JPEG and we expect you to choose any position or style of your choice.

Video Guidelines:

Now that you have your photos, we’d like to get to know your personality and see how you walk in full-length – with a brief, 30- 60-second video. Record videos and send with your name and registration number to WhatsApp +2349050287348 for verification.  We need a minimum of 5 video clips and only verified members are to do video recording.

You should be fresh-faced, with no much makeup and clean hair. Choose a nice background for your video. You’re not walking the runway; just wear a nice dress. Maybe wearing skinny jeans and a sleeveless, plain coloured top for those in category 1 & 2 female; form-fitting jeans and a solid t-shirt for male or just wear a simple outfit of your choice.

In the video, you can tell us your name, month of birth, height, position, hobbies, where you’re from, etc. Show us a normal, casual walk back and forth in front of the camera so that the client can see your full line. And yes, now you can feel free to smile for us! Note: These video introductions are applicable to category 1 & 2 members only, Category 3  is to upload a video of what they are doing.  E.g If you a dancer, cook or baker, you need to upload a video of you showing where you are dancing, baking or cooking dish.

Thanks for choosing us and if you have any questions. kindly call or WhatsApp us through official helpline on +2349050287348.



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