1. Log into to your account with your username and password
  2. Go to the menu and click on Add Talent Profile: Before filling the form, please kindly go through the requirements below. You are expected to fill this form within 7 days else your account will be suspended or deleted from our database. You can fill your form and submit it for administrative review. You can edit your form after submission by going to step 3. Kindly notify us once you make changes to your account so we can review and publish it.
  3. To edit your form, click on the menu View/ Edit Profile.  Under the Action column, click on the icon that looks link pen to edit your form. Make sure you click on submit for review after editing else corrected data will not reflect on your account profile. If you can’t see the edit link, kindly use a computer or request the link via a recruitment email.

Note: You mandated to inform the management via WhatsApp for approval once you fill or edit your form


Nickname: Enter a nickname (you must choose one if you don’t have)

Choose File: Click to upload a studio picture for your profile

Name: Enter your full name

Age: Enter your real age (22-03-2000) (Day-Month-Year). Clients will not see your real age

Gender: Select Male/Female

Country: Enter residence country

State/City: Enter residence state not a state of Origin

Language: Enter Languages you speak

Any Allergies: Tell us if you are allergic to anything e.g dirty, dust, cold, smoke, etc


Profession: Enter what you do for a living eg. Student, self-employed, etc.

Chest/ Bust: Enter accurate measurement of the chest if male and bust if female

Hair Color: Enter natural hair colour

Shoe size: Enter shoe sizes, Sandal &Slippers e.g (34/ 32/ 11)

Height: Enter height (Get accurate measurement if you don’t know it)

Waist: Enter accurate waist measurement (Get accurate measurement if you don’t know it)

Eye Color: Enter your eyes colour

Dress Size: Select Dress Size

E-mail Id: Enter your email address

Skills: Select the jobs you can do, these skills will be on your profile for clients to see them. Having multiple selections can increase your chances of getting a job from us.

Experience: Enter the experience you have on the skills you choose, if you are an aspiring model, kindly select no experience.

Model Videos: Skip this field for management. Record 1 min video clip, visit studio guidelines for instruction on how to record your videos. Note: you can submit your form and upload a video later.

Agency commission:  Thick the commission we can collect on any job given to you e.g (70/30 means member takes 70% while 30% goes to the agency)

Minimum Booking Price: Enter the minimum amount you can collect for a job. eg. N5000 or N10, 000

Valid ID Card: Thick your available ID card. In the case of a minor, please contact the management for advice.

ID Card Number: Enter the registration number on the ID card

Booking Numbers: Select any number on the field

Bank account details will be used to pay members when they are to go for a job

Bank Name: Enter the bank name.

Bank Account Number: Enter your account number. Note: Talent Boat Agency will not make payment to any account number that is different from the members’ names except in the case of minor (People below 18 years of age). You are advised to open an account at any bank if you are above 18 years.

Payment Status: Indicate if you have made any payment to us for membership or T-shirt, official registration fee for Armature Members is N10,000 (comprising member’s official T-shirt, ID Card, Valid ID Card Vilification, etc). Note: In case you don’t make any payment, choose not Paid. An interested applicant who wishes to become an Armature member can pay on 2 times installment, you will receive a T-shirt on your first payment of N5,000.

Profile Images: Leave it for official – Send 6 pictures including your name and username to our email . Recruitment staff will download and upload it for you once the pictures are received,

Comp card Image: Official will upload that for you from the 6 pictures you will send.

Short Biography: Tell us about yourself in not less than 100 words and don’t forget to include your measurements. You can click here for a sample. Warning: Do not copy his profile.

Submit your form for administrative review.

Let us know when you are done so the management will attend to it and get back to you.


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