What is Talent Boat Agency (TBA) all about? Talent Boat is an agency in Nigeria committed to recruit, hire, develop and procure jobs for its employees/members worldwide.

We promote talents and help members secure the right job around the world. Every job secured has a commission attached to it based on a contract agreement with members, meaning that members pay a sating amount of money to TBA once a job is secured.


Where is the Talent Boat Agency located? TBA has its operational office located at Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria while her agents are sighted in several parts of the country.


If I am not in Anambra or Nigeria, am I eligible to apply? Yes. irrespective of your age, location, tribe, and religion.  You are eligible to apply provided you have a skill.


Who is eligible to apply at TBA? TBA accepts both males and females with different talents irrespective of their locations e.g. Models, Dancers, DJ, Comedian/MC, Bouncers, Fashion Designers, Photographers, Music Artiste, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylist, Bakers, and Decorators.



What are the membership requirements? You must have a valid ID card (National ID, Student ID or Voters Card) and must be free from crime.


How can I register? To register, click here for details


How many pictures do I need for my profile? All members must have at least 6 digital pictures. Note: Do not apply much makeup else it will be rejected and non-digital pictures are not allowed.


Where can I snap a digital picture? You can go to any of Talent Boat approved photo studios near you or choose any studio of your choice. Note: You must pay via ONLINE if you want to use any of the approved photographers. Please confirm the exact amount before making a payment. Most of the studio charge is between 300 – 500.


What is there is no approved studio near me where I can snap with the official T-shirt and pay later for my T-shirt? In the case of no approved studio near you, you are expected to snap 3 photoshoots with white T-shirt in replacement of official T-shirt. Warning! T-shirt must be pure white to avoid rejecting pictures.


Apart from pictures, what else do I need? You will make at least 5 video clips, You should be fresh-faced, with no much makeup and clean hairstyle or wig. Choose a nice background for your video. You’re not walking the runway; just wear a nice dress. Maybe wearing skinny jeans and a sleeveless, plain coloured top for a female model; form-fitting jeans and a solid t-shirt for a male model or just wear a simple outfit of your choice.


What is the format for pictures & videos? Picture size: 2530 x 2730 (width x height) for portrait and 2730 x 2530 (width x height) for landscape while We’d like to get to know your personality and see how you walk in full-length – with a brief, 30- 60-second video. Warning! Do not attach any signature or studio logo on your pictures or video. Send all pictures and videos with your registration ID number and name to talentboats@


How can I get my official T-shirt? The official price for the T-shirt is N4,000. We will deliver it to you once you make a payment. Note: You will pay a delivery fee if you can’t come to the office for collection.


What if I don’t have money for the T-shirt now? We will deduct the money from the first job given to you but you must use our approved studio for your profile photo-shoot. We have at least one official T-shirt given to them for qualified applicants who can’t afford the payment immediately.


Will I be trained if I am an aspiring model? Yes, Aspiring models will be trained for a specific job in which they are booked to execute. Meaning that before going for a job, you must be trained by TBA for that particular job a client wants you to execute. We organize special training for all aspiring models in batches but members will take care of their accommodation and feeding. The date and venue will be communicated on the member notice page.

Why is my picture not on the home page? Only members who have completed their physical form are allowed on the home page. Clients can still see members who haven’t completed their forms when they log into their accounts.


What will I do if I lost my password? Contact us on WhatsApp for a new password. Note: Opening multiple accounts will lead to disqualification or termination of the previous account and you will be penalized accordingly.


What do I stand to gain as a member? Talent Boat will pay you for every job you are given, access to contest on any free giveaway or pageantry, free auditions, etc. TBA has to promote and secure jobs for all members. Members must make it a point of duty to visit notice board, read email, WhatsApp messages, attend audition & Casting for job opportunities.


How do I get paid for a job? Once a client books you for a job, TBA pays you an advance of 45% as agreed with the client and completes the payment after you have executed the job.


Is my security guarantee if am hired for a job? Yes, TBA makes sure that all clients provide adequate security for all members and they must sign undertaken to protect members during job execution. We also have personal details of clients and in most cases, we invite them for discussion before booking any of our members. Talent Boat also sends staff to supervise members. A personal security guard (Police) is also assigned to members when necessary.



I can’t access the website on my mobile? Please kindly check your network. We recommend Google Chrome as the best browser for easy and fast access.


For further enquiries, kindly call or WhatsApp +2349050287348.



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