Talent Boat is a registered agency in Nigeria committed to recruit, hire, develop and procure jobs for its employees/members worldwide. We promote talents and help members secure the right job in Nigeria and around the world. Note: All members are to pay certain commission on any job TBA secured excluding initial contract agreement with any member.

TBA is 100% legitimate and safe, registered at Cooperative Affairs Commission of Nigeria with Registration number. BN:2418051.

Operational office is located at 92 Arthur Eze Avenue Awka, Anambra State, Nigeria (Opposite Tracy Hotel Awka) while we hope to sighted our office in several parts of the country. You are eligible to apply provided you have a skill as an African irrespective of your location, tribe, and religion.

We accept the following talents: Models, Ushers,  Dancers, DJ, Comedian/MC, Bouncers, Fashion Designers, Photographers, Music Artiste, Makeup Artists, Hair Stylist, Bakers, and Decorators.

By filling this form, (1) You agree to membership terms and conditions (2) You agree to pay commission to Talent Boat Agency when a client book you for a job. (3) You agree to upload pictures with no studio signature/logo (Studio pictures).  Requirement for Models & Ushers: Applicants above 18 years must provide a valid ID card, a written biography, height: 5.6 and above, upload pictures and video clips. Applicants below 18 years should seek advise from parents or guardians. 
Note: Registration fee Models and Ushers is ₦2,000 excluding photo-shoot. You can go to any studio of your choice for your photo-shoot. Below prices is for photo-shoot at our approved studio and it is optional to members.
WARNING! You must pass our requirements before you can become a member. Do not make any payment to anyone for registration except to official account name (BOBOJAY ENT. & TECH, A/C No: 0255871038, GT Bank). 2. Make sure you get approval before filling registration form/ making payment for activation (no refund of money after payment). 3. We will create an account for you, send a form for you to fill and submit to us once we receive receipt of your payment. For more details, call or WhatsApp +2349050287348


Profile Setup - ₦7,000
Limited Promotion 40%


Profile Setup - ₦30,000
Limited Promotion 60%


Profile Setup - ₦200,000
Limited Promotion 99%


Note: These requirements/guidelines serve all interested Models, Ushers, and Dancers. Applicants are to provide these materials. As you apply for membership, remember that you’re trying to make an impression on someone who has never met you. This is a user profile guide to show our clients who you are, what you can do, and what you look like in your most natural way (make a nice hairstyle).


You will snap at least 20 digital photos when you are invited to Awka for induction and photo shoots. Pictures will include half-length as profile pictures, full-length,  waist-up, full-length with different positions, and group pictures with other members. Please do your best to replicate the sample images used as an example during the photo shoot and note that the below pictures are not professionally done, they serve as guidelines.

In the case of an outdoor photo shoot, you will be taken to natural daylight locations but not direct sunlight for an outdoor photo shoot. Remember, we’re looking for your natural outlook so our makeup artist won’t apply you too much makeup.  These will be your portfolio photos to document your profile for our clients on our websites, comp. card and magazine as the case may be.

An applicant who failed to come for a photo shoot & videos recording will have an incomplete profile and will not be published on our website until pictures and video are complete.

PROFILE PIC 1 (Models & Ushers)

Requirement 1.  Official T-shirt & Cap is to be provided to registered applicants who paid their registration fee. Note: You can snap with plain white if you don’t have official T-Shirt

WAIST UP – Pic 2 (Models & Ushers)

                                        Requirement 2. Snap picture with one blue and one black trousers.

FULL LENGTH – Pic 3 (Models & Ushers)

Requirement 3.  Snap pictures with one blank and white canvas for full-length pictures.

FULL LENGTH – Pic 4 (Models Only)

Requirement 4.  Snap pictures with 2 different casual wears, 2 native wears of your choice, and matching footwear for all the clothes.

FULL LENGTH – Pic 5 (Female Ushers Only)

Snap pictures with one white plain long sleeve button shirt, one white short sleeve button shirt, 1 black skirt, and 1 Black plain trouser, 1 pair of black heel cover shoes, 1 pair of black flat shoes. Note: Agency will provide matching ties at the induction venue. 
 Talent Boats Official T-Shirts & Caps

Video Guidelines:

We would like to get to know your personality and see how you walk in full-length – with a brief, 30- 60-second video. During this section, we will record a video of you in different positions as you walk, sit and talk. You will show a normal, casual walk back and forth in front of the camera so that our client can see your full line.

Note: You should be fresh-faced, with not much makeup and a clean hairstyle, although makeup artists will be on ground for female applicants.

Our staff will reply you within 24 hours.
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